Finishing Up the Semester

After taking this class, I think what has been strengthened the most would be my technological skills within the communication department. Before, I was pretty well-known to my friends and family as someone who did not know much about technology. I have always struggled with it, and felt that my communication skills are better focused toward writing and speaking. However, after taking this class, I feel confident in editing and recording, while also taking visually pleasing photos that convey a good, effective message. My favorite part of the entire class was editing our videos and recordings together, because that is something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do, and now I can help others with their own project – which is always the best symbol of understanding what you’ve been taught. 

As far as my communication skills in the visual area goes, I feel that I was taught well how to take good photographs that are not just the same old front of face you see all the time. I learned about angles, and the rule of three, along with the 5 shot rule with videography. All of these are important skills that I have brought into real life, and will carry with me – because we are always taking pictures. On my interpersonal skills, I think I really learned how hard it is to interview people and get good, quality feedback from them. I  now understand that since the people you are most likely interviewing do not have the same knowledge about technology or editing as you, there will be times when you have to redirect them in order to get a good outcome or usable quotes. When starting this class it was hard for me to do that, but as I got better at telling my interviewees exactly what I needed from them and stopping them if what was happening would not end up working, I learned that they are also pretty understanding. It is really all about taking initiative and speaking up when you need something done. Both of those skills will be important in whatever job I go into, because it is about communicating with your peers and having them understand where you are coming from. 


Samantha Schulte’s Radio Announcing Podcast Project

After doing this project for class, I realized that being a radio announcer is a lot harder than it looks, and it is easy to get tongue-tied or get nervous while working. So many times I found myself having to re-record or take a breather because I was either talking too quickly or too slowly, both of which not working for the project. In the end, I had a lot of fun doing it and learned a lot about editing in Garageband, which is really helpful.

Learning about Homelessness, Non-profits, and How We Can Help at St. Mary’s University

On Tuesday, November 10, 2019, I got the privilege of listening to and live-tweeting a presentation by two St. Mary’s students about Non-Profits and how they help the community, with a specific focus on Haven For Hope. Students who attended got to hear about the great things non-profits do, and the benefits of being employed at one. Focusing on Haven For Hope, we got to hear about how they have helped families get off of the streets, and worked to provide them with safe, comfortable living until they are able to be on their own again. The event took place in University Center’s conference room B, and we got to engage in reflection questions, and really listen to our peers and their experiences. It was an all-around great event, and I was lucky to learn more about something close to my heart. You can find the live tweets on my Twitter, by clicking this link.

Ashley’s Famous Fried Rice

Ashley Resendez shows us how to cook her signature dish, Fried Rice, that she put together after finding out she needed to go on a dairy free diet. She also talks about how she got started cooking in the first place, and the challenges that come with cooking in a college dorm.

2 Cups cold (precooked) rice
3 tablespoons avocado oil
½ cup asparagus
½ cup broccoli
4 cooked chicken tenders
2 eggs
1 tablespoon mushroom seasoning
4 tablespoon Soyaki
1 tablespoon coconut aminos

First, add about 3 tablespoons of avocado oil to a sautee pan, and cook the asparagus and broccoli until soft. Then, add the eggs to the vegetables, and cook that together until it is ready, taking about a minute. Then, move those to the side, and get the cold rice and break it up in the same sautee pan, and add the mushroom seasoning. After that, mix the egg and vegetables into the rice and add my chopped chicken, then add the Soyaki and Coconut aminos. Mix all of this together until it starts bubbling, and it is ready to serve!

Our Class

This is a photo of my Media Production 1 Class at St. Mary’s University. The students in the photo are, from top left to bottom right, MichaelAngelo Betancourt, Alejandro Beltran Del Rio, Jocelyn Alvarez Bibian, Sofia Ruescas, Alyssa Vela, Brandon Villareal, Jonier Guiterrez, Maria Esquivel, Renee Padilla, Alice Thane, Janice Rodriguez, Victoria Valle, Samantha Schulte (Me), and Paul Pruski.
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